Pintrest good or bad?

Our girls have fantastic creations for you this week and those that leave a little love may well be treated to some back in return.

But a question is boiling under the surface of many professional, there are article in the press world wide and rumours of legal action etc.

I love pintrest, I also know that if you publish anything on the Internet you  need to watermark it so that if it does get lost, it can find its way home if your blog address is written on it. Do you have a "do not use my work without my permisson" on your blog? How do you feel when people do just lift without permission.
i am just covering the basic's here, but Mo will tell you about a bigger wrong going on in pintrest's crumblin world.

Let's hope all this things can be fixed because I love pintrest and would not like to loose it.

Read this on  SCS   if you use pintrest, its real informative and Mo and Lacey sum it up perfectly.
thank you

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