Enough Already

Enough excuses with the 4 week delay in releasing Gorjuss stamp.
Enough apologies for not sending all our order in one go.
Enough of idiots working on processing the orders but not on first come first served basis
Enough lies about stock being dispatched "today by priority mail" then finding out  5 days later that it still has not been sent.

If you push my buttons enough I will explode!

I have always held and maintained a good working relationship with Personal Impressions over the last 7/8 years, they supply the bulk of our stock for the store with deliveries arriving several times a week and I now wonder if its a good idea having all my eggs in one basket, because they undoubtedly "let us down badly" ( yes I am using my small inside voice ) and do not value us as customer.

My ISSUE is that the customers at Funkykits have been let down by our suppliers incompetence. I hold customer satisfaction above sales and I am at a total loss as to how such a simple thing as making a stamp range, launching it and sending it out to those trade customers who ordered it for their loyal retail customers has turned into something off the Jerry Springer show! It's FK reputation that has taken a hit over this and I am not happy one little bit!

I am told that poor Mark was subjected to a few less than sweet emails today.

We operate a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in our work place.

 I understand that those who pre ordered Gorjuss stamps made by PI are beyond frustrated, as are we, and the option to cancel you order has always been there,(just email info@funkykits.co.uk with your invoice number) so I think that in order to retain some level of customer relations we must now put an end to the constant apologies from our supplier and NEVER EVER offer a product for sale before we have it in our hands. It is not a control issue just fact, that you can not rely on people100% and the domino effect leaves Funkykits in a horrible position of letting down customers for which everyone in the House Of Sugar apologise for. We are so sorry.

I have to attend a meeting about this fiasco tomorrow morning. Lets hope that we can do our best to make things good with those who are disappointed and frustrated.

That's my rant for today, lets hope I never have to rant again.
I hope your day was better than mine and that tomorrow is better again for all of us.
take care



Debs M said...

good luck with the meeting, i think you should vote with your feet. They undoubtedly gets lots of business from you and this is no way to treat you!

Jane said...

Goodness Karen...what a nightmare you have been having with them!!
I am happy to wait for my stamp...I just think it is such a shame they have messed you about so much!

Fiona said...

Poor Mark, the Funky Kit Man...I have had expoeriences in the past with other products on pre order and I actually lost a lot of money so I never pre order anything for that reason and that's nothing against Funky Kits cos they are just a first class company who deliver and very high standard of service and some things are just out of Funky Kit man's control so why would people be horrible to him???

Christine said...

(((Karen))) I hope tomorrow brings you sunshine and smiles, and a lifting of your stress!

Tracey Feeger said...

Thanks for the update. I am a patient person I was quite happy to keep waiting. Hope we get them all soon.

Elaine said...

Oh Dear Karen,
You are having a bugger of a time with these stamps.
As a customer foremost, I have always received the most excellent service from FK and I realise that the problem is out of your control, I hope most of your customers realise this too. Also, in my job I experience this from your side of things. I ordered a spare part for a customer back in January and we got it in the post today. How many times I have had to apologise to him I cannot count, but I was at the mercy of the suppliers myself. And it is a frustrating situation for everyone involved.
Deep breathing Karen and good luck tomorrow.
Wishing you a better day :)

Love Elaine xx

Sparkle and Flourish said...

Sorry Karen you have been let down. It sucks when you have to take the knocks.

But on the other hand we as customers can wait another few days for our stamps. It is not life or death after all :)

Hope your week egts better from here.

Judy xx

Maya said...

I am so sorry to hear this, Karen!
And i am so sorry to hear of such bad service!!
Hope the meeting goes well, and that you can get your gorjusses soon.
Give Mark a hug,
and hugs to you too ♥

Unknown said...

Well I am hoping you feel better now after getting that off your chest, I hope everything goes well tomorrow.
Chris x

Vicky said...

I'm sure people will release this is not your fault there are some things beyond our control. Personally your shops is one of the best I order from & my order has never EVER taken long I have always received it really quickly. I have my fave 4 stores which I use on a regular basis 7 yours is one of them so I would like to thank you for constantly putting customer satisfaction first & just being a fabulous store. Its a good job I didnt live closer as I would be in your shop way too often lol.
Hope the meeting goes well & I hope you get everything sorted.
'You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time' this was a saying my dad always said to me & its so true.
Take care hun.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Mina said...

you go girl...kick some butt...theres no excuse for service that bad
Mina xxx

Danielle Daws said...

Oh dear! What an awful situation for you all to be in! I've only ever had brilliant experiences with Sugar Nellie and Funkykits (and yes, I'm waiting on my pre-ordered Gorjuss stamps too). What I've really appreciated is that you've always kept us informed of what's going on. I think you guys are FABULOUS! xx

Wiccababe said...

I'm not surprised you are angry Karen
fingers crossed you get some joy at your meeting tomorrow

Paula (PEP) said...

I am so sorry Mark has borne the brunt of customer dissatisfaction & that you've had this trouble. You have every right to be fuming - this is really not good enough & I am jealous for your reputation of reliability & efficient service. Thinking of your.
Paula (PEP)

THERESA said...

Yikes that is so bad, hope you get it sorted real quick, this can bug one to no end!!
lotsa luv

Jane said...

Oh dear Karen this isn't your fault and FK would never let their customers down unless it was totally outwith their control, your customer service is superb as is the welcome at the House of Sugar. Keep up the good work folks you have been badly let down by your supplier but you never let us down, everything you bring to us is wondeful xx

Pop's Cards said...

Hi sweetie, I am more than happy to wait for you to get them, I have never had a problem with your service before and I am not having a problem now, I know that they are not coming from you, I wouldnt hassle you as it is not your fault, I am loyal FK customer and have read this on here and oh well so I have to wait a little longer, I know it will be wortht he wait when they do come, Hugs to you and Mark x x x x x

Julye said...

Hope your meetingt is fruitful with a positive outcome for you, as for those who sent grumpy emails don't shoot the messenger!

Marilynmcl said...

I think you have been put in a very bad position by PI and they should be ashamed....I noticed today that 'Craftsulove' have the new Gorjuss stamps both clear and cling on sale....and I am sure that another site also has these on sale....so I can understand how angry and disappointed you must be to have been let down so badly by PI....I am more than happy to wait for my order from Funkykits and will not blame you in any way for the delay that is out of your control....good luck today with your meeting and hope things are resolved to your satisfaction...best wishes, Marilyn McLaughlinx

Diane Duda said...


Lim said...

Dear Karen,
I wish you will have a better day tomorrow and soon we can all have the Gorjuss Girl stamps in our hands.
We all LOVE Funky Kits so don't worry because you have a HUGE list of loyal customers that understand what is going on. I wish you the best!

Paper, Ink, Color! said...

Awww Karen, you go in there and give them hell! :D . I'll wait till things straighten out and I will still order from Funky Kits!