Family comes first

Here is Alison's Recipe of Love card for her other half.
Having sat and read Ali's blog it is evident that she is all about family.
Clearly by the words on this card she has found her sole mate.
Being a wife, mother, daughter, family and friend is Al's number one priority.
For this reason Ali needs to spend some time with her nearest and dearest.
 They have a fantastic support system where she comes from on Millport and for now Ali needs to
look after herself and her family.
I hope she still has time to craft and keeps her place as a Sweetie over on our challenge blog, but she has decided to step down from the SN DT. Having been a sugar addict for so long I doubt she will disappear, once an addicted its hard to kick the habit.
Take care Ali, you have always been a support to me from the very start and I know that I may loose you from the DT but your always be my crafting buddy.xx



Erika said...

Ali take care. x
Great card.

Wiccababe said...

oh wow, that's a surprise
sorry to see Ali go from the DT, and hope everything is ok

Shazza said...

aw bless. Bye Ali, hope things get better soon x

♥Gemma♥ said...

Ali..Sorry to her you are stepping down from the Sugar Nellie DT sweetie and wish you all the best for the future for you & your family!!
hugs and xxx

Casper said...

Hiya Karen,

How are you?

So sorry to hear that Ali is leaving.
I know how close you are,but as you said "Family has to COME First"

Lots of changes happening in all our lives these last months - Life has turned and changed for us all as we have stood still -


Wishing Ali and here family good health,renewed happiness and strength of spirit to overcome live's hurdles.

Good Luck Ali :)


Hoping that all goes well & that you continue in all your success!

Had a look at Krista's Etsy store, lots of amazing Art work.

1. "Teatime Collage" - without tea cup.
Gorgeous but for Rubber stamp I think it would be better & more useable being just the girl image.

2. "Mocassins and a Teepee" - without the Teepee.

3. "I Heart Pictures" - without camera & background.

4. "On my Shoulder" - the Angel would be great without the Halo and wings - Love the wings but to make it more useable for any occassion.

5. "Waiting to take Flight" - Without background.

6. "Always a bridesmaid" - So pretty but maybe holding a box of chocolates or a prezzie box instead of the bouquet - keep it useable for all ocassions.

7. "Sisterhood of Witches" - PEARL
So so pretty too - But limites it use with the Witch Hat & broom.
Take hat off and Turn broom into a fence that she is leaning on.

Such a cool Halloween Stamp - but so limited.

8."The Wallflower"
Without the streamers.

9. "Rainy day thoughts"

10. "Doll baby girl"
But with a more main stream dolly?

11. "Reading with the Bunnies"
So cute but maybe a bit too Easter times - Would look good without the Bunny ears on the girls.
2 Girls in a stamp would be great - That could be SISTER LOVE or Big Sis, Lil Sis?

Krista's Art Work is Fab, Hope you don't think I am being RUDE about Krista or her work but as you know in Rubber some sketches would not translate well or be generic enough for multiple uses.

Hope some of these suggestions,Help you decide on your next rubber order!

Take care
Big hugs

Cathy said...

Ali you will be missed from the DT, but you are leaving for all the right reasons, and you have an absolutely wonderful family.
Cathy xx

~ Ali Robertson ~ said...

Aw my thank you so much for the lovely messages. and a huge thank you to you Karen "FOR EVERYTHING" Once a Sugar Addict ALWAYS a Sugar Addict!

Ali x