Something for the weekend

With Easter just around the corner, have you done your Easter cards yet????

No, well hopefully I can help you out with my something for the weekend...

This week we have 2 clear forever friends stamp sets from DoCraft's for £7.50 each.

Easter Egg Hunt

and Easter Treats.

Cute aren't they. Hurry because I don't have that many.
Have a great weekend.
regards Mark, the Funkykitman


Julie said...

Oh my goodness,these are so cute! I've already got the first set and they are so scrummie! Only trouble is I've now made all of my Easter cards so dare I think about buying the other set????? YES!!!! X

Paula (PEP) said...

Hello Mark - have a good weekend. These look rather good so I hope you have a sell out. I'm having to save for some Sassies at present.
Paula (PEP)