Don't miss out.

The girls over on the SASSY BLOG have been crafting their little socks off, don't miss out on loads of SASSY inspirations, tutorials and step by steps.
From yo yo's to book marks and let's not forget the AMAZING BAG that Tracy made, if you want to see pop over to the SIMPLY SASSY BLOG

Hey Guess what? I can name that book in one! ;)


Internet problems at home again, I think the wireless router has had it, I told DD that if there is no Internet I am moving out, so she says shes coming with me because she can not live without Moshi Monster either!

{She's almost 9 and tonight she can say " I can ride on two wheels", yes its been a struggle trying to teach her how to ride a bike when you have no tar roads to learn on. But the cattle have been moved outside for the summer and the sheds have been power washed, leaving a nice concrete base on which to learn how to ride a bike.}

Today I went into the house of sugar as Kate came back to work but Mark was off because the post office is closed, bank holiday. Everyone I needed to talk to today was off because of the bank holiday! We have a demo on Saturday and still the stock is not here. It's going to be all very last minuet again. I wanted answers about some of our new artwork too but no one in the office, dam answering machines.

I had a bus mans holiday on Saturday and I great day it was too. I treated my friend to a day out  crafting  as its her birthday tomorrow and we took a 12 hour round trip to Aberdeen and joined in Girls Just want to Have fun day. A big thank you to Kath, Debbi and Ann for all their hard work in putting it all together. Another thank you for the dear friends who made cake for everyone,yummy, and to Mrs Concrete not only for getting me a McFlurry at half time but for doing all my sewing in Ann's class!

that's all for me tonight, its real late but I only just got a connection............



♥Gemma♥ said...

Congrats to your DD for learning to ride her bike :D

The SS girls are doing a fantastic job with their creations & tutorials...keep it up girls!!

Sounds like you & your friend had a fabbie day..its nice to craft with friends, i love crafting with friends & now my sister has got back into it...hopefully will be crafting with her very soon :D

Hope you get all your artwork & other bits and pieces sorted for your for your demo on Saturday!!
hugs and xxx

Paula (PEP) said...

glad you had some time yourself to have a play. Sounds like you have your hands full at present too - - hope the connection improves. I can guess what the book relates too.
Paula (PEP)

Shazza said...

wow x

Wiccababe said...

gosh, did you take a breath between sentences there? lol
was fab to see you again