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Sarah has a very clear style, its colourful and clean, I have no trouble picking out her cards from my files but I do have a problem when it come to taking a copy from her blog, some time it does not work.
At a time when crafters and stamp companies are trying very hard to protect their work, water marks are essential but the ability to disable, right click and save is something we all need to talk about. I know I have said this before by I am just no that good at computer stuff, but I know a man who is!
I kneed to remember to ask him next time I see him, I am sure its a two minuet job for someone who know what they are doing.

So I have penciled in 1st of July for our BIG summer release, OK sometime things don't go to plan but I need to work to a deadline or else it would never happen.
So I have a few ideas knocking about and will ask the girls on Facebook to brain storm with me, you know Listen to what you the customers always tell me.

I must also say thank you to all those who comment and give me their support, whether I publish your comment or keep it to myself, I do listen, a lot of what you say is right, I just sometimes need someone who is not so involved to point out things. You know who you are.Hugs to you.



Elaine said...

Sarah's cards are fabulous and easily distinguised as hers..she has her own style, but yes we all need to add a watermark. As for the other, I am clueless!
So how big are we talking here for 1st July? And more importantly...which stamps are we looking at? You are being a tease only releasing little snippets of information!
I'm signed in on FB and waiting :@)

Love Elaine xx

Cathy said...

I love Sarah's style and her colouring is amazing. I watermark all my bloged and Facebooked cards, but would love to know how to stop people right clicking and copying.

I can't wait for the big release ... but the 1st July is AGES off!!!!! Can we have some sneaky peeks please ... or if you would like someone to try them out ... I would be more than willing ;)
Cathy xx

Paula (PEP) said...

Like you I thought disabling Right Click was a good idea - now I'm not sure. Have a look at this when you have a moment - if such a thing happens.
I've now updated my Following blogs to make sure I have the current Sugar Nellie DT on my Reader. Looking forward to your releases too.
Hope the wind has died down your way - much better there & thankfully the chimney is now finished.
Paula (PEP)

Kim. said...

Sarah makes amazing cards she has such a wonderful style, I have been following her blog for a long time now.
Kim xXx

Teresa said...

These are a beautiful set of cards. xx