I need a man!

Sassy card by Dena


"don't we all darling!" I hear one woman (who remains anonymous) shout back at me.

As much as some of you don't like men/boys there is a need for them, they balance life, without men what would women have to complain about? Men are put on earth for many reasons, but clearly one of those reasons is to make woman work harder, which in turn makes us stronger.

But crafters like feminine, pretty cute things most of all and it hard going finding a cute boy. But we have three SASSY boys and with the girls gaining a strong following of stampers that luv Krista's style we know all those girls need a man.

I have NUMBER ONE FAN to give away to a woman in need of a man!
Give your sassy girls some one to moan at.


Cathy said...

What I need Karen is a useful man!!!! Got a man, just need him to be better house trained LOL!!! Fab stamp, only bloke stamp of Krista's I don't have.
Cathy xx

Michelle said...

Oh how fab, somehow you do always seem to go with the pretty, cute or funky girls, I think I have about three boy stamps to my well lets say quite a few girlie stamps ;-) Thanks for the chance to take part, have a wonderful day!

Paula (PEP) said...

Thanks for that - & very true. Men have a very different perspective on things & I for one learn a lot from my husband of almost 10 years. Many times they are unexpected things.
Paula (PEP)

heidy said...

My Sasy stamps are on there'way to my home in the Netherlands.I order two last week,mayby he want to follow them lol
Thanks for this chance!
Hugs Heidy

Erika said...

LOL And that's all I'm going to say on that....you know my man!

Patty Sue 2 said...

All of my Sugar's are looking for a number 1 guy to have around! Would love to be able to ink him up!

Debbie (Little Gingham Bear) said...

Great stamp - my husband is working near the house of Sugar this week but looked frightened when I asked him to call in with a shopping list LOL!

Janette said...

This is the best kind of Man, one thats on paper and can be really useful...lol..xx

chrissy xx said...

Thanks for the chance!!

Crafting Belle said...

Finally a man who can't answer back...I'll take one of those xxx

Shazza said...

great cards Karen, thanks for the chance of a new man :0)

D K Crafts said...

Beautiful cards. Great image. Thanks for the chance to enter. Donna

Elaine said...

Well I guess if you really need a man then at least a rubber one won't talk back, won't need his clothes washing and ironing, won't have sole access rights to the tv remote, won't need feeding, won't have FS syndrome (flat surface syndrome which my husband has an advanced case of and has an overwhelming urge to cover all flat surfaces with his keys, papers, string?? and other general crap & clutter) but despite all that...I still don't do male cards...ever!
Love Elaine xx

Marion said...

Great cards. Would love to give this little chap a home.

Teresa said...

He's adorable and I can think of dozens of males in the family I could make cards for using him, he would be a welcome addition to my house. Thanks for the chance to win. Teresa xx

I Don't Do Straight said...

REF: Dena's card... she doesn't look like she needs a man, she looks like she is saying "Oh Pleeeeeas!!!!" lol.
Great cards from all the DT's.

Fiona. x