Boy Oh boy

Manga boys are so popular with us that we would like to do some more before the end of the year.
So what ideas do you have for me, more sports, or dressed up as....

we do have a range of boys which are
more real to life from Home Grown too.

Tomorrow I am away down the road and if I get time I will use the scheduled post option.
I will be looking to choose some guest DT members to help with the August launch of stamps, this will include our new Christmas designs, they are amazing I bet you cant wait! :)

take care


Alexandra Lundgren said...

I would LOVE a teenager look and/or a goth boy :) Not a lot of use, personally, for the sports ones.

Oooo- how about reading a book?

Paula (PEP) said...

Hmmm - hard to know which way to go - I think the scooter Manga is brilliant. The sporty ones are definitely useful - perhaps some more unusual sports like Darts or various different athletics events.
Paula (PEP)