Re draw.......

Here we have four beautiful creations made with the new stamps by Donalda while she was on her holidays.
Now these are not all cards, Donalda has taken to decorating boxes and its something I would like to try also, there are so many more things you can decorate than cards. Oh the possibilities :)

Who would believe that out of all you sugar addicts the same name would be drawn twice?!
Ruby, best you buy a lottery ticket this weekend as you have twice the lucky!

We received an email from Ruby and she would like us to re draw the Scooter boy candy, very kind of you, and pulled up number 95 which is, email Mark for you candy at

Now a little sweetener to you all , the four mangas are being released this weekend and for this weekend only you can purchase all four at an introductory price :) a little thank you from us to you as Mangas are your favourite range. Loyal supporters of Sugar Nellie Mangas deserve a treat as not everyone can win the candy.
Find then here. We are currently looking at other loyalty options *wink*

I hope the sun is shining where ever you are and here in the HOS we are counting down to our visit to ELLON next week, Aberdeenshire girls do you all have your ticket for a day fo sweet crafting?



Crafty Susy said...

Can't wait for Ellon day. On holiday at Dyke this week leave tomorrow and hoping to stop in past your shop. Will get these new stamps if they are available. Susy

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Thank you so much to Ruby for asking for a redraw as I am now the lucky winner of scooter boy. Lainy x

Wiccababe said...

well done Lainy,
and those naughty new manga's will get a good home here, have placed my order

Debs M said...

Very kind of Ruby to do that x

Paula (PEP) said...

That was a nice gesture by Ruby. Donalds's projects are rather different & superbly showcase what can be done with these new Mangas.
Have a good weekend.
Paula PEP

Tindaloo said...

AWESOME! I 'ran' into the shop straight away *lol*