More yummy prizes

Join the girls over on the Sugar Bowl Challenge blog and be in with a chance of
winning a box of yummy crafty things.

One lucky winner (chosen at random) will win a purple goodie box containing a selection of Leanne Ellis stamps, ribbons and other assorted goodies including a special ‘Trinkettes’ bracelet.

Now there were 90 entries in the last challenge, so a huge thank you to all of you who took part and congratulations to the lucky winner SUZI


Its the first of the month again, where does the time go? Its also my 21 wedding anniversary and DH is taking me out tonight for a meal, it was supposed to be a surprise but someone let the cat out of the bag last night by inviting us to arrive early for drinks................why where are we going? said I.

Ok so last month we gave you the chance of buy a set of stamps at a great price, this month I have an other offer for you..........

Our country cousins Autumn Kit is a great price for July with 4 character stamps and a few accessories if you did not get one last year now you can add these sweet stamps to you collection for an even sweeter price.

Thank you to the girls who reported the incorrect link in yesterday's post, all sorted now.
Paula there have been 3 + 2 new Pro marker packaging sleeves featuring Sugar Nellie stamps :)

I have new Manga stamp designs on my desk, the sketches are brilliant but I ain't telling you yet *wink*

take care



Elaine said...

Happy wedding anniversary Karen. Hope you have a lovely night out.
I know how busy you are, so I'm more than willing to help you with the new Manga designs, I'll even take some rubber home with me to play with! That's what friends are for eh? I do love the Mangas,I think they are my favourites (so far).
Love Elaine xx

Donalda said...

Congrats dear on your 21st. Hope you have a wonderful time.

Paula (PEP) said...

Thanks for that Karen - I searched around a bit as I was convinced that there were more than the 2 I have - so that clears that up. Very tempted by that Autumn Kit as I've been looking at already. Thanks for all you do again - looking forward to the Sugar Bowl - shall try not to be so last minute this time!
Paula (PEP)

Anne said...

Happy Anniversary Karen hope you have a lovely night

Wiccababe said...

Happy Anniversary Karen - am losing my marbles, can't remember if I already posted that or not :S
hope you had a lovely time

Sparkle and Flourish said...

Gutted I can't come tomorrow! The display looks amazing! Save me a cupcake for Monday ;)

Judy xx