I'm sorry......

I'm sorry that I have been missing in blog land, its the first week of the school holidays here in Scotland and I have had to take some time off from the House Of Sugar, I will be back at my desk on Monday as Kate is off on holiday and myself and Sofia will cover for her. Mark is busy over at Funkykits, restocking rubber and getting ready for some new Mangas arriving, he has also added some yummy extra's on to the web site that might just jump into a few baskets, I just love buttons and ribbons too :)

I manage to work from home most of the time I dont make it into town but my power lead has given up on my lap top and I am reduced to tears of frustration using Debbie's lap top which is home to get an MOT, boy does it need it!

As a family we have had a busy week and the most painful part for me was shopping for fancy clothes, I hate clothes shopping and will never try on in store, so I have bags of shopping that need to be returned......................for a bigger size!

I hope your weekend is full of fun, I have to be somewhere in an hour so thats all from me for now, catch you again when I get back to my desk and a working computer, on Monday. Take care.



Paula (PEP) said...

Take care of yourself Karen - no need to apologise - school hols & OOO computer - either is enough to hamper anyone but BOTH!!
Paula (PEP) http://pepcraftchallexp.blogspot.com/

Kimmi said...

Summer holidays - I can remember when I was younger and loved having all that time off from school. Hated having to go back. Used to hate being dragged along to the shops to restock on uniform and pens etc. Dreaded that shopping trip as going back to school was just around the corner.

LOVE the buttons... I will have to wait till end of month to buy some - hope they are still in stock - the colours are gorgeous - I doubt they'l be in stock for long hehe.

Enjoy the time you have with the kiddies - they grow up so quick I'm dreading the day I have to take my little one for her first uniform.

Kimmi x

Wiccababe said...

oh I do the same - no way am I stripping off in public, do they still have those communal changing rooms in shops??

Unknown said...

HI Hunni

I know the feeling on both the school holidays and the clothes shopping, so not my thing, but hey ho needs must from time to time.

Am thinking about a day trip on Friday with the girlies you know those two terrible two that come with me from time to time, and a friend who is up on holiday with Jane and is keen to visit the much loved HOS.

Anyway have a lovely relaxing evening, I'm off for a wee glass myself xxxx

Sonya said...

So excited to see the NEW Mangas! I only recently discoved your wonderful company and haven't yet been able to order. I do have a wish list ready!!! It is split into 5 different sections, one being Mangas. I want almost all of them! I will be so excited when I can finally place my 1st order, I do hope it will be soon.

Random Acts of Krafting said...

Hi Karen,

If it helps, I have the same issue. I am a jeans and tshirt kind of gal. I go through fits of tears when I have to buy fancy clothes.

Big Hugs,