SOS- I'm in love

What a difference a day makes, yesterday was one of weather watching as Katie joined in the small village community and took her cupcakes to the village square. We knew that all was not lost if the heavens opened and the day was called off as she always had the coffee shop, only a stones throw away from the square in Oldmeldrum to take refuge in. All the visitors would also need to follow for a hot cup of coffee and of course a yummy cup cake, it would be rude not to!

Two hours in and she was sold out, better that than the other as stalls can very much be a hit or a miss, with cakes there is no packing up the goods and selling at the next fair. I have done my share of craft fairs and there is not much I have not happen to me in my time. All in all, she sold out but that was good because I could not eat another cake by the end of the day!

I came home and after putting the kettle on, checked out what's been going on in the world.


Did your read Gayles post yesterday?

Where does she find these addictions, I blame Elaine Livesey, there is nothing trendy or super cute that she has not discovered ( and I thought I spent too much time surfing).

Enter the world of Amigurui???? I think we will just go with AMI for now.

It's a whole new world *sings in her best Disney voice*, that has opened my eyes.

Yes I am tempted to dig out my crochet hook, but its been 35 years and I know that I could never make them as cute as Tabby. With that in mind, I don't know if I can wait for her order book to open up. I want them all, now you might think that is being a tad greedy but if it's good then I appreciate the work and try to support the artist. rrrrrrrRIGHT!

Having surfed the net, I still come back to Tabby, I AM IN LOVE those colours are so soft and delicate, classy and perfect. Do I have the patience to wait? Am I a crafter! I will keep you informed.

BUT if you know of anything super cute like this that I find fall for, let me know ;)

But there is some lovely colours of yarn out there......

I cant follow Gayles post from yesterday, I am still swooning over those cuties and cant think straight.

I hope you have a nice Sunday, the weather is fine up here in Scotland, all is calm on the farm as lambing is over only three cows left to calf. 

I did venture out to the caravan for some 12" papers yesterday, OMG what a mess, remember those sand storms last month?

Today I am going to play with felt, buttons and ribbons.

take care



Shazza said...

have a lovely Sunday Karen. I have admired Tab's work for a while now and been stalking her for the order book opening up again, she is fab x

Fiona said...

I'm with you Karen...they are super cute and I am also waiting her order book opening too!!