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Good morning Sugar Addicts, how has your week been?

It's been an easy week in the sugar mines, not much going on, a lot of tiding up and emptying boxes to see what exactly we have in stock. A good few lines in Funkykits near sell out but I don't think we will restock.
{waiting for a pallet of clearance deals to arrive, watch this space}

 I am finding more and more orders for digital, it might be that our sugar addict are spread all over the world and its so hard waiting for a packet to arrive when you are a crafter. It might be the storage issue all crafter have, where to hide supplies. It could be the easy of printing perfect against smudging the ink or just the way that you can re size an image to what ever you need.

All these point are why digital stamps are out selling real rubber. As the rubber sells out I will hunt for the original art and see if it can be made into a digital file. It's not always possible due to quality of artwork and the licence we hold for different artist. After all there was no such thing as digital stamps four years ago.

I also see a trend for crafters to put down their trimmer and pick up a ball of wool.
Knitting and crochet along with sewing has been building up momentum
and usually crafters are flexible and willing to try out anything new,
most have been born crafters before finding papercrafting and
 usually those blue peter kids can turn their hands to anything.

I am still lusting after Tabby's crochet word that Gayle highlighted last week.
 I even took out a hook and watched a youtube clip about 6 times before I found myself beyond the start up row. I did a good few rows on the round but my tension and stitches were erratic at best. I was happy with my first try but it ain't going to be made in to any thing.

Now if you can knit I have a great pattern for you. If you start now you can have a warren of them done by Christmas and they make the sweetest gifts.

I have admired Julies work for many years and I even have an original, only the one which she kindly sent me a long time ago but its still very much loved and lonely.

If you have not guessed, it's a LITTLE COTTON RABBIT...

Julies BLOG

link to patterns from Julie direct   or you can find  patterns on ETSY
why not put Little Cotton Rabbits into Pinterest search box, adorable work.

and if you do plan on making these a much loved gifts,
remember a hand made card and gift tag would complete
the package, find your LCR stamps here.
Stocks are low, but if you buy the family kits we will give you a FREE foxy LCR stamp too.
I myself will be packing orders this week so just remember that
Foxy will be in your order too!

Before I go, its been birthday month in the House of Sugar
Happy late Birthday wishes to Fiona Robertson who runs the facebook group.
Happy early Birthday wishes to Erika Gunter, sweetie and local Personal Impressions demonstrator.

But today belongs to our very own
Sugar Mama Gayle Payton
 who you all know and love for her work here on the blog
and with our DT and Sugar Bowl Sweeties.

Happy Birthday Gayle!

best wishes to you all today and every day


Elaine said...

I know many crafters prefer the instant sugar rush of digital...but I still prefers my rubber :)

I never did manage to get my mitts on a genuine LCR but I do have an order in with Tab (did I tell ya that already huh? )
I can't sew, knit, crochet, flower arrange, or any of the other things that a crafty woman can do - I'm a crap woman really - but I'm a whizz with a duster and vac :)

Bug hugs
Elaine xx

Shazza said...

I am making socks for the first time just now but quite fancy trying that wee rabbit, so cute!!. Crochet learning is still on my to do list.
Happy Birthday Gayle x

Juls said...

I do enjoy using digital images, and am enjoying the flexibility & creativeness it allows within a programme like Serif ... However still love rubber & ink, and the many techniques that allows. Think I will always NEED both!!!! - is that greedy, LOL. Hugs Juls xxx

Mayumi said...

I prefer rubber stamps too. I like the moment of inking ang stamping so I hope you still release them.